Rotary Tedder

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- It provides quick drying without losing nutrition value by distributing cut feed plants.

- It allows more harvesting in a year since it provides removal of feed plant from the field in a short period of time.

- It has wheels with high maneuver capabilities.

- It provides savings from time and effort by high work range.

- It provides savings from fuel oil with low power requirements.

- It is easily brought to road position or operation position by means of hydraulic fold system.

MODELA-RT 554A-RT 554CA-RT 696
Number of Discs (pcs.)446
Number of tines in each discs (pcs.)776
Wheel dimensions (in)16 x 6,5 - 816 x 6,5 - 816 x 6,5 - 8
Number of wheels (pcs.)446
Working width (m)5,55,56,9
Transport width (m)2,952,952,85
Weight (kg)710630890
Working capacity (km/h)50 - 6050 - 6070 - 80

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