Rotary Drum Mower

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- There are 2 drums rotating opposite to one another and 3 knives rotating by high environment speed on each drum.

- It is used to cut any feed plants, weeds, meadow, roadside heaths and herbs by the help of the knives.

- It is possible to set cutting size by adjustable cutting height.

- Drying is provided in short period of time by protecting plant nutrition values.

- Low power requirement provides savings from time and fuel oil. It performs work in high quality without tiring out the tractor.

- Its compliance to roughness is quite successful.

- Security is provided by pulley mechanism by stretching belts through a bow.

Number of drums (pcs.)222
Working width (mm)135016501900
Transport width (mm)117515181500
Overall height (mm)99010751035
Number of blades (pcs.)666
Optimal working speed5 - 7,55 - 7,55 - 7,5
Capacity (da/h)5,5 - 86,5 - 107,5 - 11,5
P.T.O. Shaft Rotations Mx. (Min-1)540540540
Weight (kg)385422485
Power requirement (HP)304050

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