Horizontal Mixer Feeder

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ALPLER Horizontal Mixer-Feeders; are designed to bring various animal feed into a homogenous mixture and to distribute this mixture to the animals with its robust, strong and reliable structure and easy use. All options of horizontal feed mixers of appropriate capacity for all kinds of small, medium and large scaled enterprises are available with quality and privilege of ALPLER.

Horizontal feed mixers are moved by a tractor via an articulated shaft. They are connected to the tractor and carried with a drawbar. The movement is transmitted to the augers by gears located at the front side of the machine as to rotate reversely. When the machine is in stable status, various materials loaded in the reservoir by a dipper located at the back are mixed with augers.

In addition, thanks to numerous knives located on the augers grinding process is performed. Mixed materials are discharged in the animal feeders at the desired quantity from the side of the machine by means of a pallet transmitter moved by a hydraulic motor.

Volume (m3)681012
Transmission systemPlanet GearboxPlanet GearboxPlanet GearboxPlanet Gearbox
Auger systemDouble on the BaseDouble on the BaseDouble on the BaseDouble on the Base
Bucket width (mm)1700200020002000
Bucket height (mm)1800185018501850
Bucket length (mm)3000300040004500
Total Width (mm)2100210021102110
Total Height (mm)2300250025502550
Total Length (mm)5000500061506650
Hydraulic systemStandardStandardStandardStandard
Dipper systemStandardStandardStandardStandard
Weighing systemOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
Double Sided DischargeOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
The thickness of the sheet metal of frame (mm)10101010
The thickness of the sheet metal of auger (mm)16161616
Number of knives on the auger56487280
Number of coulter knives on the auger30263842
Wheels10 / 75 - 15,312,5 / 80 - 15,3400 / 60 - 15,5400 / 60 - 15,5
Unladen Weight (kg)3100385046005200
P.T.O. Shaft Rotations Max. (Min-1)540540540540
Required Tractor Power (kw/hp)40506070

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