Fertilizer and Lime Spreaders

ALPLER spreaders difference in below

The Material while paint and coating are great, nothing has the durability of stainkess steel for the bin and parts contacting the fertileser. ALPLER spreaders are built to last from the highest quality structural stainless steel. We recommend you do not leave Urea in your spreader.

Build Quality ALPLER spreader have been four years in the making. We've sourced the best design. And most robust proven technology to ensure you get the best quality spreader available. We've spent 2 years testing the machine to ensure it's right. The people behind ALPLER are expreinced agricultural manufacturers and suppliers. We know what works. What's going to last and what it takes to design. Engineer and manufacture a spreader that's going to last.

It's the latest generation of the TRANSPREAD design used by major spreader manufacturers. Originally designed by NZ spreading contractor and later designer and manufacturer DAVID HOYLE. You're looking at is the result of 60 years of spreader designs.

Looking for the moving parts? We took them all away and only kept what was absulatly necessary. And the parts we do have are all proprietary. The bearing, hydraulic loom and motors are more than likely on the shelf at any supplier near you. ALPLER keep a full range of parts in stock, but you'll know you can get our parts anywhere.

Two year front to back warranty against manufacturing fault. Ask other spreader manufacturers if their warranty compares.

How does the chain compare to a belt?

ALPLER warrant the chain on our spreaders for five years. They're tough and durable and were originally designed for the salt spreaders in North America and Canada, and that is one tough environment. Plus they're a positive system, so gravity or slope doesn't affect the flow of fertileser.  Knowing that your spinners are getting active fertileser flow in all conditions is the first step in ultimate fertileser accuracy.