Garden Type Fixed Rotary Tiller

Price: from £ 1,965

- In vineyards, gardens and fields, provides efficient and safe operation for seedbed preparation before sowing and stubble breaking after harvest.

- Ensures the most efficient mixing of plant residues and aboveground organic fertilizers into the soil.

- Thanks to its special and durable blades, provides a long-lasting and economical use.

- Thanks to the special inclined rear cover, the clods thrown from the blades are broken up and, thanks to the special form of the cover, it tilts allowing the soil to mix and the air-water balance to be optimal.

- Thanks to its shaft with safety mechanism, when encountering stones, roots etc. the damage to the machine and tractor is prevented.

- Provides the most efficient shredding and mixing with its fixed speed gearbox.

MODELA-SR 140A-SR 160A-SR 185A-SR 210A-SR 240
Working width (mm)13241526177620302280
Working depth (mm)200200200200200
Overall width (mm)15201775202522752525
Overall length (mm)965965965965965
Overall height (mm)11401140114011401140
Number of flanges6 (5 OPT.)7 (6 OPT.)8 (7 OPT.)9 (8 OPT.)10 (9 OPT.)
Number of blades3036424854
Weight (kg)425475525575595
P.T.O. Shaft Rotations (D/min)540540540540540
Power requirement (HP)30-3535-4040-4545-5055-60

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